Vision IoT

Improve efficiency in Lighting, Agriculture, Transportation, etc. with IoT integrated systems.

Vision IoT leverages the innovation brought by IoT devices with powerful Business Processes Management Platform, RPA and AI tools.

Complete integrated smart VISION
  • Smart Environment
  • Smart Government
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Health
  • Smart Mobility
Vision IoT Portal

Online and interactive platform that collects various information produced in the process of promoting smart city policy in one place.

Smart Lighting
  • Communication based on cable and \ or LoRaWan and \ or internet \ GSM
  • The system is fully controlled from a single command and control center
  • Fail-over mechanisms allowing the minimal functionality of the system in case of failures
  • Complex parameterizable behavior mechanism:
    • static parameters, entered by the system administrator
    • dynamic parameters, purchased through the feedback module
Smart Environment

Monitor pollution levels to implement better measures to make the air quality healthier for citizens and also for tourists, obtaining environmentally friendly destination certifications.

Special Features

Monitor, intelligently control and remotely control the lighting equipment's


Allows agricultural producers to obtain data for better controlling crop growth, preventing losses


Improve the parking services through systems able to detect the arrival and departure of vehicles