Workforce Management Automation

Integrated platform for Field Services Company

End-to-end Workflow: Sales - Client Order – Job Tracking – Report

End-to-end Workflow: Sales - Client Order – Job Tracking – Report.

Retain and Manage Your Employees: Candidate and Interview Tracking, Employee Administration, Growth & Training, Conducting Reviews, Paid Time Off (Mobile)

Sales and Customers: Keep your leads, clients, and contact information organized and accessible from anywhere at any time. Workflows have already been created so a lead can seamlessly become a client and then a project can be scheduled.

Operations – Job tracking: The Jobs module allows you to effectively to manage everything on a project from Job Costing, Work Orders, assigning Activities, managing Docs/Photos, and tracking Materials, Employee Hours, Sub-contractors, Parking, Equipment Rentals, Paint Colors. Invoicing and understanding your profit becomes a breeze with your master Job Summary built in.

Back Office staff efficiency: real time data access, approval workflows.

Real time reports and dashboards: based your decision on real-time data analysis.

Integration: out of the box integration with PEP for painting, Quick Books for accounting, etc.