Vision Automotive

Integrated platform for Automotive

Completely integrated solution for managing the customers relationship and cars inventory, bringing together sales functionalities, after sales, service (warranty and post guarantee) and customer portal.


Customer Portal

Customer Self Service Portal is available in order to offer a rich and digital experience and to improve the interactions

Mobile App

Mobile app can be used either to easy allow customer access to company services or for improving internal staff efficiency

Customers Management

Vision Automotive Customers Management offers the tools needed to approach each client or prospect in an intelligent manner, allowing the company to build customer relationships based on trust and loyalty while increasing the teams’ productivity.

Vehicles Management

Organize and track vehicles information: sold vehicles, repaired or in process of sales, the Vehicles Management module offers real-time, complete and accurate data regarding owner, history of delivered services or other details like selling fees and price.


Vision Automotive Services implements standards workflow for after sales services, insurance claim file evaluation, etc. enabling your company to successfully control, deliver and keep control of services, resources and financial results.


Administrate the acquisition flow across entire phases and details. Control the evaluation, approvals and actions in direct correlations with the sales case.

Sales Commission

Improve internal communications and team collaboration, provide critical information in one place  and in correlation with your entire organization.

Tools and Dashboards

The platform provide tools like Calendar, Activity Dashboard implemented specific to optimize and automate the automotive company employee efficiency.

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