Vision Fintech

Integrated platform for Financial Services

Vision Fintech enabling any financial services company to design an end-to-end digital banking experience through a complete set of integrated features which serves as a full-service bank for customers to access all banking services.

Vision Fintech unifies your business aggregating in a coherent view data, people and processes with modern, intelligent business applications that adapt to your changing needs, power by specific AI tools.

Implement and integrate your legacy system with Fintech solutions, including everything from frontend system, CRM, reporting system to backend system and business processes.

Better align with shifting consumer behaviors and expectations leveraging employees modern way of work with agile and complex platform enabling easy build new application or integrate existing platforms and legacy systems into unified application.

  • Portal and mobile components fully integrated with bank’s systems
  • Focus on improving customer relationships via 360 views across financial products.
  • Digital Customer Onboarding, Account Opening & Product Origination
  • Understand customer behavior across channels, optimize team and agent network performance
Process Automation and Digitalization
  • Customer Onboarding, Account Opening & Product Origination
  • Quotation and evaluation
  • Internal collaboration processes
  • Specific processes (sales, credit scoring, corporate administration, etc.)
Specific Applications

Vision Fintech Applications enable modern and agile management approaches within digital bank while complying with regulatory technical standards and automatize and digitalize all business processes.

  • Sales Force Automation for SME
  • Customer Intake
  • RTS Anti money Laundering
  • Employees Benefits Management
  • Credit Scoring Quantitative Objectives Validation, Distribution and Presentation
  • Agile Management and Performance Evaluation tools:
    • Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey
    • HR Gamification (Employee's Voice)
    • Staff Self Feedback (I appreciate)
  • Specific processes (sales, credit scoring, corporate administration, etc.)
  • Easy build new application from scratch
  • Integrate existing platforms and legacy systems into unified application
  • Digitalize your business workflows through business processes re-engineering 
  • Enhance Business-Integration Speed & Agility
  • Optimize operations with processes prepared for rapid evolution
  • Drive innovation by quickly creating innovative digital products and services
  • Accelerates Transformation
  • Simulate working software much earlier in the cycle enabling project team to iterative prototyping and agile development

Support multichannel approach that allows anytime, anywhere, any device access with consistent experience across channels. Enable interactions across multiple customer touch points where intents are captured, insights are derived and conversations are personalized and optimized

Combine legacy systems with new, modern and flexible tools leveraging accumulated practices in using existing systems with flexibility and openness provided by new platforms. 


Base your digital transformation on modern, flexible and complex platform including low-code development enablement capabilities, support for an omnichannel digital approach, robust business functionality that is reusable and scalable, enterprise notifications that are relevant and timely and the operational robustness to provide the right levels of security and scalability as customer growth occurs. 

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