Vision Wholesale Distribution

Integrated platform for B2B Distribution

End-to-end Workflow: Sales - Customer Order – Provider Order and Delivery -  Customer Delivery.
Customer Self Service Portal: B2B customers can inquiry stock products, get offers and submit orders.
Providers Management: Optimize providers orders in direct correlation with customer demand, follow providers orders delivery.
Warehouse automation: the products are tracked with bare codes since reception until delivery. The reception and delivery is fully automated and digitalized.
Barcode Reader dedicated application: specific application available for barcode readers allowing real-time matching order or offer items directly on field, while receiving or delivering activities.
Sales pricing engine: prices are approved based on predefined fees according with customer and product type.
Back Office staff efficiency: real time data access, approval workflows.
Real time reports and dashboards: based your decision on real-time data analysis.
Integration: out of the box integration with ERP systems

B2B Customer Self Service Portal

Your B2B customers will be able to check products availability and price, ask their questions, request offers and submit orders.

Enable your sales force to forecast customer demand and optimize stocks.

Sales and Client Management

Automate the sales process and optimize the demand and supply lifecycle. Focus on what your customer needs avoiding wasting time and resources.

Providers Management

Optimize and control the purchasing process in direct and real time correlation with sales demand. Improve delivery by full traceability of the products, from provider to customer.

Warehouse Automation

Streamline operations, improve efficiency and production, and reduce costs with automated technologies that increase productivity by leaps and bounds.

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