Wholesale distributor processes digitalization

Integrated platform for B2B Distribution

  • Customer Self Service Portal 
  • Sales Automation
  • Providers management
  • Warehouse Automation

End-to-end Workflow: Sales - Customer Order – Provider Order and Delivery - Customer Delivery.

Customer Self Service Portal: B2B customers can inquiry stock products, get offers and submit orders.

Providers Management: Optimize providers orders in direct correlation with customer demand, follow providers orders delivery.

Warehouse automation: the products are tracked with bare codes since reception until delivery. The reception and delivery is fully automated and digitalized.

Barcode Reader dedicated application: specific application available for barcode readers allowing real-time matching order or offer items directly on field, while receiving or delivering activities.

Sales pricing engine: prices are approved based on predefined fees according with customer and product type.

Back Office staff efficiency: real time data access, approval workflows.

Real time reports and dashboards: based your decision on real-time data analysis.

Integration: out of the box integration with ERP systems