Vision eLearning

Learning Management System

Start creating your online learning courses with visual and easy to use platform

Getting started is easy

Generate Training Content
Organize Your Courses
Integrate with Business Workflows
GO Online

Create Training
  • Intuitive interface for training content generation
  • Information is structured according with each type of activity
Interactive Editor
  • Interactive Video Editor: create and edit interactive videos, presentations, games, advertisements and more 
  • Designed to help drive learning at your organization
Easy Administration
  • Flexible access control, based on roles.
  • Default roles include: student, teacher, class' coach, content manager, user manager, and administrator.
  • Add as many as you want, using fine-grained control over what each role can do (or not) on the platform.
Special Features
Create Content

Interactive movies
Quiz and theory
Guided training creation wizard
Graphical learning path manager tool


Easy administrate access and permissions


Catalogue with public/private trainings
Instructor-led sessions management
Adaptive learning path management
Rich and powerful content authoring tool, allowing to create interactive and engaging contents
Training prerequisites
Automatic certificates generation


Customizable dashboard for every user
Document and media gallery