Vision Legal

Business Administration platform for Law Firm  \  Departments

Vision Legal 365 enable any Law Firm or Legal Department to digitally administer entire activities.

Client Management

Approach each client or prospect in an intelligent manner, allowing the firm to build customer relationships based on trust and loyalty while increasing the teams’ productivity with Vision Legal Customers Management.

Legal Cases Management

Optimize, control and automate the Legal Cases process effort and costs with a rich set of tools like Contracts Generation, Document Management, Workflows and flexible interfaces.

Operations and Services

Vision Legal Operations helps project managers and teams complete client requirements and manage time, budget, and scope constraints, and provide a complete overview for decision roles.

Team Connect and Intranet

Improve internal communications and team collaboration, provide critical information in one place and in correlation with your entire organization.

Enterprise Performance

Vision Legal Enterprise Performance Management module is a key enabler in achieving your commercial and strategic goals and objectives.

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